Welcome to People Shine MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Holistic Fair

Welcome to People Shine MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Holistic Fair
SW Florida Alliance for Holistic Self Care


Dr. Eddie Rose

Dr. Eddie Rose is Grandmaster and Founder of the Tiger Flower School (ToraHana-FRyu), President and owner of the Tora Hana Training (THT) Company and the creator/formulator of Rose Hypnosis. 

Though Dr. Rose has substantial background in Martial Arts, Law Enforcement/Security, etc. he has chosen at this time of his life to dedicate and focus his service/ministry to Self-Development and Health & Wellness Coaching/Consultation through hypnosis, hypnotherapy and other mind therapies. 

Eddie Rose, along with an accredited Doctorate in Metaphysics, has certifications in Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linquistic Programming (NLP), Psychotherapy, Complete Mind Therapy (CMT), Mind Emotion Liberation Techniques (MELT), Visual Confusion Disorientation Techniques (VCDT), Past Life Regression, Meridian Energy Therapies, Stress Management, Body Language, Stage Hypnosis & Street Hypnotism, Mentalism, Mind Reading and Psychic Counseling, Pleasure Response Conditioning, and philosophical studies.

Dr. Rose will be offering Hypnosis sessions at the People Shine Mind-Body-Spirit Holistic Fair - $25 for 25 minutes.