Welcome to People Shine MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Holistic Fair

Welcome to People Shine MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Holistic Fair
SW Florida Alliance for Holistic Self Care

Intuitive Consulting

Lori Crawford

Lori Crawford is a professional Psychic Tarot Reader for over 28 years. She was also the owner of the spiritual center, The Way of Positive Change for, supporting the Southwest Florida community for several years. It is Lori's passion to help people see their lives more clearly and in a new light. To her every day presents new opportunities and invitations to meet new people and get clearer on your life path.

Lori uses her gifts of insight and intuition along with the powerful archetypal system of Tarot to help her client receive messages from their guides and loved ones. Lori will also take a look into each department of your life, using the Astrological Tarot spread, revealing your strengths and challenges for the remainder of 2017 and into 2018. 

Lori will be offering Intuitive readings at the People Shine Mind-Body-Spirit Holistic Fair - $25 for 25 minutes.