Welcome to People Shine MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Holistic Fair

Welcome to People Shine MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Holistic Fair
SW Florida Alliance for Holistic Self Care

Essential Oils | Make & Take

Janyce LeBaron

Janyce LeBaron has a passion for helping people learn about alternative healthcare and therapeutic grade essential oils. Janyce has been educating and assisting people for four years in the field of Essential Oils and Aromatherapy, and is knowledgeable in many ways.  Everyone, including pets can benefit from the helpful properties of ancient and natural plant medicine, as essential oils can assist with both the physical and emotional aspects.

Janyce LeBaron will be providing doTERRA Essential Oil ‘Make and Take’ recipes. You choose which one resonates with you to make and take home. Once you make the blend, Janyce will intuitively check the blend and see if it needs something tweaked to make it perfect for you. She may have you add more of an oil from the blend or add another oil, only Spirit knows. Super fun – open up your inner child and get creative!

For more information visit http://www.mydoterra.com/ancientremedies/

Janyce is offering Make & Take Essential Oils Aromatherapy session at the People Shine MIND-BODY-SPIRIT Holistic Fair at $25 for 25 minutes.